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Three Children’s Books I Am Loving Right Now

So I know it’s all about finding books that your kids like, but what about us parents?! Over the last five years, I have totally rekindled my love for children’s books and I genuinely enjoy reading them. I think the warmth you feel towards a book can help your kids develop a general love for reading. Let’s not get it twisted, there are some books that the boys like which I try to hide because I’m so fucking sick of reading them. If I think they’re a bit shit or yawny, I put the undesirable ones at the back of the bookshelf for a few days so they are more awkward to find. Dread, I know.

So here is my current three favourite books to read to the boys from our stash:

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers:

This book was a present to the boys and it’s bloody hilarious. Big boy absolutely loves this and asks for it to be read regularly. I love doing silly voices with each character and bringing the story to life a little more. It’s jokes.

My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson :

I heard Doc Brown reading this on Cbeebies and I immediately bought it. It explores Bella’s day of frustrations and Rebecca Patterson’s illustrations are genius. Both boys love me reading this and have a right giggle along.

There’s a Boy Just Like Me by Frasier Cox and illustrated by Alison Brown:

This is a story written by a school boy as part of a competition run by The Book People. I saw a little news report on the BBC where the Frasier Cox was interviewed and he discussed the ideas behind the book and I loved the concept. But mannn, this book is an emotional tear jerker and also such a wonderful starting point for conversations about refugees and the travesty of war. Deep boiii!

Hope this gives you some ideas about what to pick up when you are next at the library or browsing amazon/book people for inspiration.

What children’s books do you love reading? I’d love to hear your top three list.

Happy reading.


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  • Sonia

    Another great post Dix! I also love all three of these books too, especially the last one. One of our current favourite picture books is the Wonky Donkey. Oh my goodness, there were genuine tears of laughter the first time we read it. I think your big boy would definitely enjoy it! Xxx

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