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Face: School Run Ready!

I am a self-confessed makeup addict and I have tonnes of stuff, but in reality my routine needs to be snappy and ain’t nobody got time for fourteen layers when the school run awaits. I have always had dark circles, I remember being asked by a girl in a Science lesson in Year 9 why I had bruises under my eyes, I didn’t know either. Turns out they are just genetic dark circles which are in a monogamous relationship with me. This coupled with two years of really poor sleep (the little one is a terrible sleeper and despite trying every possible sleep training method, he doesn’t give a shit), my eyes look permanently haggard. Anyway, I digress, I meant to be giving you the low down on my bare essential makeup which makes me feel put together and less corpsey.

I don’t always need a base as my cheeks and forehead tend to behave, but concealer is a game changer for me. I have a couple which I rotate, but one which I am thoroughly enjoying is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer (I wear it in shade number 8). The texture is super light but the coverage is surprisingly good. I wack a bit of that under my eyes and my chin which is always on the verge of a gigantic hormonal outbreak. I blend very quickly with a Real Techniques Setting Brush which is a super multitasking wand- I use it for everything and have more than one. If I am inclined, I may set this with whatever powder is to hand, this tends to be a mix of two powders from the Hourglass Unlocked Palette (I don’t think this is available any more!) at the moment.

Bronzer is next applied under my cheekbones to add little shape and a touch of blush to the apples of my cheeks. I have been using both of these also from the Unlocked palette of late. If I am not using this combo, I like to use the Benefit Hoola Bronzer followed by Laura Mercier Colour Blush Infusion in Chai.

Highlighter is the last thing I add to the tops of my cheeks and my absolute favourite is the Becca Highlighter in Royal Glow. It’s mega fit and I think it suits tan/darker skin tones beautifully. Last but not least, curl lashes and mascara. I am a mascara whore, but the one which I always go back to is Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes in Black Waterproof.

No lipstick, just some of my Malin and Goetz lip moisturizer which looks glossy and feels comforting. This may sound like a lot of stuff, but I once timed myself and it took less than 4 minutes.  

That is me good to go and ready to deal with the boys and about 15 tantrums.

Ta Daa! This is the transformation. I haven’t added any hocas pocas filters onto these pictures, it’s legit my face.

What are your go to products to feel more put together when in a rush?



Note: I have combination skin and tend to use powders as cream products move around on my face. I dabble in cream products in warmer whether because everyone on YouTube tells me to, but in truth, I love powders and they suit my skin better.


  • Tiffany

    Lovely blog post, really helpful to see what others are using for a quick morning make up routine, I struggle with minimal for before nursery run as I’m 100% with you on the hormonal chin lol why is that 😫
    Anyway lovely read thank you
    Tiffany x

    • Dixy

      Hormonal chin is the worst! I’m sure it’s worse in my 30s than ever before. Ironically, I care for my skin and have been so diligent with skincare in my 30s. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Thank goodness I have discovered concealer 🙌🏾

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