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Don’t Patronise Young Voters

This morning I woke up early to do a workout, but I made the mistake of going onto Instagram. I saw the offending picture and I am incensed. 

Earlier this week, Stormzy posted on his social outlets that he urged people to register to vote, he reminded his followers why voting was essential for all because the manifestos you are voting for have a massive impact on our future. In this post, he also discussed his personal political leanings, he would be voting for Labour. However, he urged his followers to come to their own decisions by doing their research.

The first thing that really pissed me off was Michael Gove. FFS, why is this man such a dickhead? He responded to the post by saying that Stomzy is “a far far better rapper than he is a political analyst”. He also then copied a lyric from ‘Shut Up’ which just further reiterates that he is a knobhead. My main issue is with the idea that only certain types of people should be ‘political analysts’. We should ALL be fucking political analysts you moron because we must all analyse the way in which manifestos will impact our lives. All that is achieved by comments like this is that certain demographics of people, some of who may already feel alienated by politics are told not to partake. This is so dangerous and outrageous. How dare someone suggest that politics is only for some? How dare someone mockingly impersonate street culture to subvert the important message that is being delivered? I am OUTRAGED! (can you tell?!)

So I was already on one when I read Gove’s comments, but this insta post sent me over the edge. What this particular post does is suggest that young followers of Stormzy are ignorant and voting like sheep. Listen, there probably are people who trust him and his political views and as a result do vote in the same way he does. But what’s so different about that compared to young people who trust their parents and vote based on what their parents tell them to do? In both instances, role models are shaping votes. Do I agree with that? No, I think it is dangerous and naive, but I understand it happens. I also take great issue with the language used in this. It uses language like ‘dat’ and ‘innit’ which is used in a way to undermine a certain demographic. In my opinion, namely young and urban. Again, this conflates the idea that people from these backgrounds lack intelligence and are sheep, thus should not entertain or partake in politics. I am aware that some people would laugh at the meme, “it’s just a bit of jokes, don’t take this so seriously,” but I can’t laugh at it. I just can’t. Politics isn’t a subject that only people with certain qualifications, or particular backgrounds should be involved in. Should Stormzy have revealed his voting intentions? I think there is a valid argument to suggest not, but I think his overall message to engage young people to register is far reaching and important. Politics governs our country and as an eligible voter, it’s important that we all encourage those around us to engage and participate. Whether a person speaks eloquently or mainly use colloquialisms, it does not define one’s intelligence and it certainly does not make you an irresponsible voter. Voting is a right and everyone should feel empowered to participate whatever your political assertions might be. 

Anyway, I think I have exorcised this fuckery from my mind a little by writing this so now I can go to the gym and do some lunges and squats. 

Peace and love,



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