I’m Dixy, a stay at home mum of two boys. Big boy is 5 and little boy is 2. This blog is all about the things I am into and the thoughts I have.

I was a secondary school teacher for ten years and took a career break when I was pregnant with my second son. I was a little burnt out from the job and I really wanted to find a better sense of balance with my family. However, I think A LOT! Like a lot a lot and I have had the urge to write a blog for a while. This space is where I share my thought about life and the things that I’m pondering.

Would love for you to join in and be part of this.



All the thoughts shared are my own. Also, a little side note, I am dyslexic so although I may proof something a tonne of times, some mistakes are a little more tricky for me to spot so apologies if they are super annoying to see.